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When Gary Bergeron’s clients ask about alternative energy systems he turns to MidSouth Geothermal. Gary is a Mechanical Engineer with Kelso-Regen Associates in Knoxville, TN.  It’s been more than five years since he first collaborated with MidSouth Geothermal on the Boyd’s Creek Elementary School in Sevierville, TN.  MidSouth recommended the use of improved installation techniques that resulted in design improvements that saved his client money. And in 2006, these same problem solving techniques along with third party proof testing offered a workable solution to get another project back on track that was left incomplete by another contractor.
Gary says that Kelso-Regen clients, “…have a greater awareness of energy issues including managing the cost of ownership and environmental conservation.” So when they order design drawings for heating and air conditioning systems that meet building owner space and budget requirements and complement the architectural design – he is sure to consider the alternative energy solution, geothermal exchange, in his deliverables. To improve the likelihood of a successful installation and long term system performance he consults with MidSouth Geothermal.
Most architects and engineers are familiar with the basics of geothermal and are comfortable with the promise of improved operating efficiencies, market awareness of green design trends, and minimal design impact. Increasingly, they turn to MidSouth Geothermal for expert opinion and innovation. Gary notes several firsts from a working relationship that has benefitted his clients; beginning with expert advice and including drilling techniques that reduce waste, installation technology that improves operational efficiency and in-ground products that ensure the long term viability of the projects.
Projects that Kelso-Regen and MidSouth Geothermal have completed together are now regarded as the standard for several school, university, and local governments throughout the southeastern United States.
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Mr. Gary Bergeron’s comments are not an official endorsement of MidSouth Geothermal. He appears courtesy of Kelso-Regen Associates, Incorporated of Knoxville, Tennessee. Visit their web site at
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